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Blue Streak Is Your Small Business Lender

At Blue Streak we understand that sometimes you need money fast. You don’t always have time to produce complicated financial reports, and even if you can, they may not suit the lender. Seeing an opportunity slip through your fingers due to overly complex banking requirements can be stressful and frustrating. At Blue Streak our aim is to alleviate this frustration and provide finance in time frames and situations where many others can’t or won’t.

Blue Streak acts as a specialist provider and facilitator of bridging and mortgage or caveat funding solutions to businesses and investors secured by real estate. Blue Streak has direct access to its own funds as well as a panel of lenders (both public and private) throughout Australia who provide this style of funding.

The aim of Blue Streak is to provide you with a reliable and functional source of short-term (bridging) and mortgage or caveat finance. Access to Blue Streak will provide you with alternative financing options that are often critical for the successful operation of your business.

We are all too familiar with the percentage of non-completed finance applications that fall short purely through a lack of quality specialist funding options and alternatives. At Blue Streak we consider alternative and creative funding solutions, as this is our core area of expertise.

Our Broad Funding Guidelines are as Follows:

Loan Amounts

Minimum Loan                  $10,000
Maximum Loan                 $500,000

Loan Terms

Minimum Term:               2 months
Maximum Term:              36 months

Interest Rates

First Mortgage:                 From 12.95% per annum
Second Mortgage:            From 18.95% per annum
Payments:                          Monthly in advance, or may be capitalized if appropriate